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We have created this set of guidelines to let users know what will be allowed on the site and what is not. We will contact you directly if your post does not meet these guidelines and give you the opportunity to address any issues. If you have any questions or need help refining your post, feel free to contact us anytime!

Below are some general considerations, please check our Listing Guidelines for further information.

All listings on CannaMLS must fit into one of three categories:

  1. A valid cannabis license / permit authorized or awarded by a city, state or federal agency.
  2. A licensed cannabis business, that is currently or was previously operational.
  3. A real estate asset available for lease or purchase that is properly zoned for commercial cannabis activities.

     (Please do not use our free listing service for brand promotion, or to solicit other services unrelated to the asset you are listing)

IMPORTANT: You will get an email from CannaMLS to confirm your listing - be sure to check your SPAM/Junk folder as you may be missing valuable leads.

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Concerned about your property's address being disclosed? Don't worry. Providing a specific address is optional, and you can choose whether to show a map on your listing. Zip Code is required for proper categorization and searching.

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