What is CannaMLS?

CannaMLS started as a real estate site for cannabis entrepreneurs seeking cannabis business related assets.

I want to get information on a listing.

Just click "contact us about this listing" in the top corner of the listing page and your information will be forwarded to the person who listed it.  We do not put contact information up for privacy and to prevent spam, and other malicious actors.

How do I post?

Posting is pretty easy, just enter your info.  Some is required and the system will let you know.  Be sure to post a photo if you have one. If should go on the site in 48 hours.  If we have any questions about your post we will contact you for clarification.

How do I change my listing

Only registered users can change listings. If you are registered and want changes send a link to your listing with the change you'd like made to admin@cannaMLS.com.

How is this free?

The site is in beta and currently free for anyone to use, post, and view.  We offer premium listings or featured listings to keep your ad on the top of the page or in the first page. Email admin@cannaMLS.com for more info.

Are the listings real?

The post are very much real offers available from real individuals in their respective states.  They are screened before they go online.

Is the site safe and do I have any protections using the site?

No, we do not offer any protections for your purchases.  We encourage you to do your diligence when making potentially multimillion dollar transactions.

Something doesn't work on the site?

Please let us know.  We are still pretty new, and working to better serve the community.