Turnkey Tier 3 Producer/Processor for sale – Kennewick, WA

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50 %

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For sale is 50% ownership of a tier 3 producer/processor in WA. The other owner has also expressed interest in selling their half but may stay on as a partner. This company is in it’s 5th year and is profitable. Sales continue to increase and production continues to increase every year. We’re currently at 66% of our canopy and producing upwards of 2000lbs/year with 2 crops. Our site is outdoors in native soil with a comprehensive organic system for maximum sustainability. This means we can produce the highest quality cannabis at the lowest cost possible. We also have one of the most ideal locations for growing which is grandfathered in under the pre-ban exemptions. If you mind your p’s and q’s you should be able to recover your entire investment in 3 years and then be making $100k/yr after that. It’s a steal. I’m only selling because my health is failing and I can no longer run the place.

The existing property is located in Finley, WA about 10min from Kennewick. Zoned as Rural Land 5 acres (RL5). The landowner has also expressed interest in selling their home but needs to wait until Summer 2020. Current appraisals in the area are in the neighborhood of $350k+. We currently have a 3 year lease and pay no rent (it’s family) but we do property maintenance in exchange and do a little road maintenance when needed. Going forward you will need to negotiate rent to cover the landlord’s expenses and a little profit.

Price: $250,000

Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 4/7/2019
License Type: Tier 3 Producer/Processor

Location: Kennewick, Washington 99337

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

Listing Type

  • Grower/cultivator/producer
  • Manufacturer/processor/extraction
  • Distribution

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