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27%* ownership in award-winning and successful mature retail operation within the Greater Seattle Area available now.  Organization has a solid financial position and is paying dividends half-yearly.  The governing leadership has plans to expand offerings in the near future, including a recent license acquisition.  Ownership is in three (3) related entities, all C-Corporations.  Shareholders are all Limited Liability Companies, most single-membership, six (6) ownership entities.  The shares offer a seat on the Board per the governing documents.

Interested parties must first review and understand ownership criteria for Washington State.  Any party involved in the cannabis trade within the State of Washington must become a True Party of Interest ("TPI") and therefore must qualify under the terms of the law.  Please consult an attorney and review the applicable laws and rules.  For reference:  The seller or their representative/s will require a Statement of Acknowledge that, as a potential buyer and TPI, the party has done their due diligence with respect to the law and has every reason to believe the party will qualify as a TPI under the law.

Once a party has provided the Statement of Acknowledgement, the next step in the process will be to execute a Non-disclosure Agreement ("NDA").  No information will be provided until such time the NDA has been fully executed.

This is an excellent entry-level opportunity for a cannabis investor that wishes to work with the leadership to grow the business further in the coming years.

*Additional 9% may be available subject to separate agreement and terms.

Price: $649,000

Listing Status: For Sale


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License Type: Retail

Location: Not Disclosed, Washington 98000

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

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