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My name is Chad and I'm a consultant in the cannabis industry and the owner/operator of Gro-Rite Suppliers, iPUFF, and BiL-O. Half of my time is focused on the growth and diversification of newly established, cannabis industry based companies. The other half is focused on my personal passion project business of which I'm no longer able to move forward with as sole investor and singular business entity due to the fact that it has now grown to a stage that will require me to seek an external means of project funding and possibly even one or more people to come aboard in a group cooperative capacity. As much as I has initially intended to proceed as sole proprietor in all aspects, it has become clear to me that this particular venture is incapable of reaching it's utmost potential without the necessary additions it deserves. Up until now I have been able to purchase the pieces necessary to function and grow at a steady pace by revenue from my other endeavours. And my intention was always a business structure capable of organic growth with the ability to thrive on little more then funds generated by my other two businesses and the profit margin's created internally. But even with the exponential growth and ever increasing success I believe it is miniscule in comparison to what could be achieved with proper funding or even the right merger.

Price: $22,000

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Location: California, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, Wisconsin

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

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