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THIS PROPERTY IS SOLD. NOT ON THE MARKET! Price and terms negotiable. Serious inquiries only, please. Photo depicts 1 of 2 flower rooms (not filled to capacity) Buyer has the option of completing current plants in progress in veg and flower rooms, hanging, drying Currently OLCC licensed, Micro Tier 2. Includes all equipment, extensive buildouts. Housed in a leased 4,000-square-foot warehouse. Landlord is very cannabis friendly and will lease long term. Lease amount is very reasonable (less than $3,000/month) Flower rooms currently can hold 320 plants total (3-gallon pots). Reconfiguration of existing rooms, if desired could increase grow space and tier classification substantially. There is also room for expansion in the nearly 1-acre lot (with landlord's approval). Attached freight container provides additional possible expansion. Currently used for storage, could be additional grow space. • Certified and registered calibrated scales • OHAUS floor scale • OHAUS Office scale • Microscope (software downloadable) Handheld or use in adjustable mount for stabilization Public area restroom ADA approved 2nd restroom located in work area (standard) R/O WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM • inflow is filtrated • water stored in air induced storage container (food grade) • water is pumped with a variable pressure pump to flower rooms • 3 60-gal barrels with sump pumps for feeding and watering • Exit bags • Flower-Bud • Trim-shake • Trim Pans • Hundreds of 3-gallon pots,saucers, plus assorted other pots, trays • 6 black padded chairs BUILDOUTS-FLOWER ROOMS-REFRIGERATION ROOM 2 DPC 6000 Power Boxes Galaxy Ballasts + Fire Extinguishers 1 Phantom II Ballast • 19 Hoods • 20 1,000 Eye Hortilux HPS bulbs (brand-new) • 16 High air flow fans • 8 Oscillating fans Air circulation/refrigerated Room 21' x 15 x 11 • 1 Trenton TMP 245MA.S5A Cooling Unit (outside/elevated) • 1 Trenton Fan Unit (inside room) • 2 Temp/Control units for setting on/off (example one for daytime on or off - or night on or off) • 2 High volume dehumidifiers - maintaining-controlling humidity VEGETATION ROOM • 12 plastic 2'x6' rolling tables for ease of access for feeding, watering • 1 DPC 3000 Power Box • 6 Galaxy Ballasts + Fire Extinguishers • 6 Eye Hortilux 8,000 lights • 2 6" medium air volume exhaust fans • 2 Oscillating fans / One wall mounted • Misc ducting Air conditioner, heaters DRY ROOM Mason jars Drying racks OLCC-approved Safe Air conditioner/heater CLONE ROOM: 2 TurboKloners, plugs, fans, pumps Standard cloning trays and hoods Office: • Printer; Work Force 2650 • Panasonic Phone system • Xfinity Business system modem and router • Nest camera for realtime recording • 24/7 video recording and unlimited review • Surveillance System • 27 active high-definition cameras • POE (adapts video from cameras sends to NVR) • NVR with huge video storage capability (OLCC required) • 2 BIG screen monitors mounted on wall in office • 5 hour backup batteries • Alarm system • 24 hr monitoring • Panic alarms (2 locations) • Fire, movement, and sound alarm activation • Doors - switches • Window sound breakage • Front office areas • Movement sensors • OLCC-required signage Miscellaneous: Small freezer, pH tester, light range tester, PPM tester, keys, handheld microscopes, buckets, lids

Price: $35,000

Listing Status: Sold


Date Listed For Sale: 12/9/2017
License Type: OLCC Micro Tier 2

Location: Salem, Oregon

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: No

Listing Type

  • Grower/cultivator/producer

Terms And Options

Current lease is assumable. Landlord requires a refundable $10,000 deposit.