Rare Titan of Cannabis 4Sale! 2-Mega-Retail, cultiv., distro., manufacturing, branding and more!$!$

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Rare Titan of Cannabis for Sale: Opportunity to purchase a vertically integrated cannabis brand with historic state and regional name recognition. Buyer can step into the shoes of this opportunity and become a regional Titan immediately. The opportunity comes with two-retail locations, one-location being a first-of-its-kind mega-store located off a freeway in a brand new building with suites for restaurants/offices; and the other retail-location is situated on the same street as the cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing for a campus feel and effect.

This opportunity was designed for efficiency and maximization through vertical integration and strong regional retail brand presence.

If you are a well-funded and long-term player this opportunity will allow for an immediate and dominant regional cannabis market presence.

Cannabis Dispensary 1: First-of-Its-Kind Next Generation Dispensary with room for restaurant/office.

  • Located off a busy freeway exit near regional-affluent markets.
  • Building is new and massive (plenty of space on two-levels).
  • Building has room for a retail space as well as offices and/or restaurants and/or can be used as a lounge if/when onsite consumption is approved.
  • This is the quintessential Cadillac of dispensaries in this region or state.
  • Conservative annual gross sales are estimated at: $ 15-25 million.
  • Real estate owned and for sale.
  • Building is in final construction period which is a perfect time to begin choosing interior options, etc.

Cannabis Dispensary 2: Tried and True.

  • A well-known location that has seen over a thousand customers per-day consistently for many years.
  • Building: Completely built for a state-of-the-art high-volume cannabis dispensary.
  • Video cameras, handicap ramps, pos systems, shelves, décor, you name it.
  • *Note: walk in freezers for temp/humidity control.
  • Water features, putting green, and plenty of additions that make this a go-to dispensary.
  • Two separate employee bathrooms.
  • Back-half of property approved for greenhouse cultivation.
  • Misc.: Adjacent lots are leased for parking needs and lease can be transferred, property is green zoned.
  • Rents are: $10,000 dollars per month, lease term is 10 years. Lease is transferrable.
  • Bottom Line: This shop is setup and ready to conservatively gross $15-$20 million per year.

Cannabis Cultivation:Local approval for greenhouse cultivation on back half of acre that Dispensary 2 is located on. Local Approval for 4500 sq. ft. greenhouse.

  • Room for another additional 4500 sq. ft. greenhouse.
  • Comes with a greenhouse that is fully automated (cost $118,000, built by Forever Flowering).
  • Expected Yield For 4500 sq. ft. Greenhouse: 1000-1100 lbs. annually.Annual Yield:1000-1100 lbs.
  • Estimate Retail Revenues:$3.5-4 million.

Misc. Cultivation: Two adjacent 1 acre properties to Disp. 2 are in the Greenzone and can be used for Green activities.

  • Two properties under lease contract for parking and/or green use.
  • Can use ask parking lot or develop more cultivation, etc.
  • Leases are transferrable.

Cannabis Distribution:

  • Brand new building made specifically for cannabis processing and distribution.
  • Located on same street as Dispensary 2 for campus feel.
  • Located on same land as manufacturing building for ease of cart-manufacturing and processing.
  • Real estate owned and for sale in this transaction.

Cannabis Manufacturing:

  • Local approval for volatile Type 7 manufacturing.
  • Plans approved, façade approved, construction in progress.
  • Approved C1D1/C1D2 unit to be installed.
  • Cultivation Estimated Yield of Plant Matter/Flower: 1000-1100 lbs. annually.This amount of flower/plant matter is estimated to be able to produce 128,000 to 176,000 cartridges.Retail Value: Cartridges sell for $40-$60 dollars
  • Estimated possible revenues:$5.1-10.5 million.

Misc. Assets:

  • 2019 Mercedes 2500 Sprinter 4*4 cargovan.
  • Tractor- 1972 Ford Tractor.
  • Kabota Tractor: Small.
  • Connex Bins: 2
  • Diesel Generators with Light Towers: 2.
  • Golf Carts: 1 Premium.
  • Utility vehicle: 1 w/winch.
  • Marketing/Billboards: 3

Graphics/Media: License to use brand name and all media.

Preferred Status with Vendors: Titan’s get preferred status.

General Terms:

  • Numbers and specific info to be released upon NDA and Proof of Funds:
  • Estimated annual profits of this opportunity: $17,383,000.00 dollars.
  • Seller is entertaining offers from: 26,074,500.00- $52,149,000.00.
  • To be paid in phases as product is delivered turn-key and licenses transferred.

*Note: Upon full turn-key transfer the operational value of this opportunity will likely immediately be worth more than the sales price.

*Note: 3-5-year estimates of value may be in the 9-figure range.

*Note: Seller will assist with transfer of all licenses and procuring of state licenses for new owners, but transfer costs or licensing fees will be the responsibility of the buyers.

Interested Parties:

  • An NDA will need to be signed by all participants of any conversations, and,
  • Proof of funds will need to be disclosed and verified prior to specific information being related.

Cooperating Brokers/Agents: This is a very specific and labor-intensive transaction and as such sellers’ broker/attorney will likely quarterback the lion’s share of the transaction. A non-cannabis broker/agent may be helpful in some of the many sub-real-estate transfers that will be necessary in this transaction and/or should buyer wish representation, etc., but ultimately buyer’s agent (if buyer elects to use one) may not be able to process or assist with the lion’s share of the transaction. Seller is open to commissions but needs to be clear what buying agent can and will do.

* Brokers: If you are interested in brokering this transaction on behalf of a buyer for commissions then please indicate the same when you reach out for the NDA and proof of funds and we can discuss the same.

*Brokered Transactions by a licensed professional will be compensated at $250,000.00 or indicate your position in your client's offer.


Price: $30,000,000

Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 6/12/2020
License Type: Local approvals. State license to issue to buyer.

Location: Inland Empire, California 92570

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

Listing Type

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Dispensary
  • Home Delivery
  • Real Estate