Turn Key Cannabis Cultivation Facility

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  • Square footage: ~33,000 sf
  • Main Floor: ~ 30,000 sf
  • 2nd Floor: ~ 2,600 sf
  • Flowering canopy & total footage: ~7,830 sf
  • out of 12,047 sf
  • Veg room canopy & total footage: ~1,792 sf
  • Clone room total footage: ~328 sf
  • Mom room total footage: ~506 sf
  • Propagation room total footage: ~142 sf
  • Dry rooms total footage: ~1,166 sf

3000A 12.47KV indoor primary substation with integrated switchgear which allows for efficient
power distribution, enables primary rate vs. secondary rate charge from the utility provider, and
based on projections, will produce ROI in less than 1 year, with electrical savings in the six
figures for following years.
● LED lighting systems; EMPOWER & PROPEL by ITC. 558 total light fixtures. Dimmable,
energy-efficient lighting that was created specifically for the commercial cannabis space.
Features high PPF uniformity, full spectrum LED, and is back by a strong warranty, local
support, and rigorous quality assurance testing.
● 150TR Frigadon Chiller with dry cooler, warm loop, 6 control zones and boiler from
GrowControlled. Includes temperature, oxygen, and carbon dioxide controllers, 11 rooftop air
evac systems, CO2 alarm sensors, and a nitrogen generator.
● Kilowatch Energy Management System; real time energy usage monitoring and automated
energy savings features, controlling both the lighting and environmentals (temperature,
humidity, O2/CO2 levels, and RH). Includes remote access, cloud access and back-up, and
data logging with export for integration with cultivation management software.
● 3” Kingspan Insulated Metal Panels (IMP - room inside a room) “clean” flowering and veg rooms
- food grade, washable, gas tight sealed wall and floor joints, sliding doors with egress/window
hatch for viewing inside without changing environmentals or opening the room to possible
● Custom, automated irrigation system and water room that includes reverse osmosis (RO), a
5,000 gallon storage tank, UV filtration loop, connection to the fertigation system and PVC lines
to all veg/flower rooms. Rooms have built-in irrigation drops to enable room-by-room special
dosing/feeding (dosatron) and include four distinct feeding zones/flowering rooms using drip
● Rolling, single-tier table systems from Innovative Growers Equipment in all veg and flower
rooms, stacked/tiered system in the cloning room.
● Truly connected building technology base; shielded CAT6 cabling and wireless throughout,
connecting equipment controls (environmental, irrigation, fertigation, and lighting data) with
● NFPA Fire Suppression; fully sprinkled and meets all requirements of the State of Michigan
● Security plan includes contactless card access, estimated 78 cameras, remote alarm and
camera monitoring with an on-site security room for video surveillance to be in compliance with
the State of Michigan regulations.
● Utilizes state of the art firewalls, network switches and network security design along with
remote uptime monitoring and remote management to ensure stability and security of the
● Closed cell spray foam insulation applied to all exterior walls and roof decks to help control
building environment, vapor control, and odor caused by the growing operations. An
intumescent paint has been applied to all exposed spray foam.
● New single ply EPDM membrane roof, not including the small second floor area.




Price: $1

Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 9/9/2020
License Type: Cultivation

Location: Muskegon, Michigan 49441

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: Yes

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  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Real Estate

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