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Consulting gigs aside, I just can't tell you how utterly sick I am of all these dumb gangsters, feeb-flakes, and low-integrity corporate d-bag types that keep contacting me about my listings regarding this cultivation partnership in West Oakland. I am getting older (45 y/o) with no time to waste on soul-sucking situations, and yes, harvest season is already upon us once again, and, as per usual lately, the ONLY crop holding steady, at the top of the price-per-unit food chain, is "hyper exotic" indoor. Logically, I understand it is definitely prime time for an EPIC pheno-hunt (I trade seeds with world-class geneticists and have many rare ones on hand) and a combined expert breeding campaign of dark purple and blue flower – ALL with a gas nose, SOUR high-notes – And yet, with still other unique, always classified "EXOTIC", undertones triggering any buyer to recognize "This is something special." – Plus, of course, a mega-crusty, >30% THC test with a full-spectrum, MEDICAL cannabiniod profile – You know what I mean, all you real-deal weed buddies out there reading this listing: That truly ULTIMATE FIRE EVERYBODY, ALWAYS, WANTS -- While many buyers just can't afford it – Yes, the category of flower that is still fetching almost 4K a unit from local Bay and LA bulk buyers. Steadfast here in Oakland for 25 years doing indoor, I do currently have a perfect facility for crushing out top quality max yields while running >200 lights, plus I have a 60 lighter there now, and I happen to require a capital/operations partner (day-shift) to do a 50/50 split with me on this very lucrative opportunity -- BUT, I am very picky who that partner is going to be, as they actually need to be the one that goes the long-haul in building a successful California lifestyle brand with me. I have 4 CA Licenses, vertically integrated, and I regularly work for over 50 Licenses as a green-zone cultivation consultant, deal fixer, product sourcing agent and "loophole advisor" cannabis jack-of-all-trades. I need an accountable, straightforward-honest, cultivation partner that has expert experience, and many other perks to bring to the equation, as I am exactly that type of individual – And, it's only fair that my new 50/50 partner in my >200 light project be the same caliber, like-minded, cannabis operator as I am myself. To get into this 50/50 partnership position you, (Perquisite #1), need capital (BREAKDOWN: ~350-650K total, depending on gear and build choices, and I will pay back 50% 0f the build out of the first 4-5 harvests, with the 50/50 rent buy-in -- including ~TBD months of rent paid in advance -- is 90K-100K – And yes, that is a great deal, considering the >$1M I have already spent on the project – Yep, only a token ~ 100k to jump into it at 50/50!), (Perquisite #2), you must be able to really call yourself a weed farmer to my face (and you will not be able to fool me as I am a 3rd generation (707)/(510)/(415) 'weed warlock' -- My grandmother grew weed in (707) 1960's-2000's -- I GREW UP ON A WEED FARM -- my stepfather bought her land in 2001 and I rocked it with him till 2012 -- he is 67 y/o and has been growing high yield, organic, "indoor passable", outdoor/dep his whole life -- and taught me many of my TLO super soil techniques, starting at a very young age.), and, (Perquisite #3), you can't be a lowlife-type-of-person: ABSOLUTELY NO "CARDBOARD" CASH-CROPPERS (I won't do a hack-grow, circa '93, GH 3 part synthetic nutrient salt bath trays/cubes technique here – NO HARSH-BURN-BLACK, FLAVORLESS MIDS.), NO UNACCOUNTABLE SLIME-BAGS, NO JUNKIE-TWEAKERS, NO LAZY NEWBIE-LAMES, NO EVIL CONMAN-SIDEWINDERS, NO PUFFY-EGO-TRIP-PUSHY-THUGS, and NO TRANSPLANT, VERY SOFT-HANDED, IT/CORPORATE-CROSSOVERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Again, this is true labor-of-love-for-the-plant grow with the main goal of cultivating the best possible weed, with the biggest yields, to create a famous, unique brand identity, AND, to simultaneously harness the three main groups of California's cannabis culture (RAP, ROCK, EDM -- and their several subculture categories). Traditionally, the world watches Cali very carefully, for its cues as to what's cool, while Oakland is the best 'canna-bubble' to operate in, and by carving out a highly regarded, custom flagship 'harvest club' here, we are paced to win big, everywhere. Call me to discuss all this/more, and see if we have a good fit. (***NOTE: I am often told I am a very useful guy to know by people who contact me from these type of listings, and no matter what your goals are in cannabis/hemp, I can very likely help you reach them.) Basically, I need a real-world, life-long, very PRO weed-worker to grow the highest yield, VERY BEST FLOWER with me, split honestly 50/50 -- AND, they MUST also be a hard-working, high-integrity person, with a burning passion for top quality cannabis. Please TEXT FIRST (Signal App is best, bust regular SMS text is fine) 7O7.4I9.O6I9 (< anit-bot) and I look forward to talking with you soon, Very High Regards -- Nick.

Price: $300,000

Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 10/21/2020
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Location: Oakland, California 94608

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