Tier 2 P/P in Skagit County - Turnkey Facility or Relocate License

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Price: $150,000

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Conditional use permit granted
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Price: $150,000

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Operational Tier 2 Producer / Processor in Concrete, WA


Fully built out and operational cannabis farm for sale in Skagit county.  Designed for highly efficient operation.  Only requires 3 people in the farm to produce approximately 100+ lbs. per month of usable material. Includes Tier 2 license and all equipment necessary to maintain current production and processing including climate control systems, automated irrigation system set up for hydroponics, climate controlled dry room, processing equipment, package sealer, Futurola Knockbox, security systems, etc.  Includes 8 successful strains collectively capable of producing approximately 45+ grams per square foot of trimmed ready to sell flower per harvest.  Pesticide free since day 1 so there’s no risk of residual pesticides in the facility that could affect finished product testing.



60 acres +/- private and spacious property 

Skagit riverfront access

Double wide home (1300 sf) with garage (500 sf)*

*Home and garage may be negotiated out of lease to reduce monthly rent

Several outbuildings and a barn for storage 

Conveniently located on Highway 20 

Lease Terms - Currently 1.5 years remaining on lease with multiple 5 year options available - Landlords are very flexible on negotiating terms of lease

Use of clean well water included with lease at no additional cost

Also includes water rights out of creek 

Fenced in farm section with locked gate and perimeter cameras in place

Room to explore on the property with fishing, hunting, shooting and hiking opportunities

Ability to grow outdoors within the pen if desired



Includes LCB approved security system with cameras, NVR’s, motion detectors, door alarms etc.

800 amps of total power to the garden with additional power for the house and processing building

3000 sf of canopy with room to expand if an additional building is built


Flower Rooms

10’ high ceilings 

4 flower rooms (460 sf each) harvesting one room every 2 weeks

Flower rooms each have 30 x 315 watt SunSystem LEC and 8 x 862 watt Gavita lights for a total of 16,350 watts per room with additional outlets available to add more lighting

240 v ceiling outlets for lighting x 42

Combination of Daikin minisplit AC’s and 5 ton commercial AC units for individual room climate

control with 8 to 9 tons of AC in each room

Quest and Anden dehumidifiers sufficient to reach target humidity levels

Rolling carts that act as rolling benches and allow for drainage of trays makes efficient use of flower space - set up as 4 rows of 3’ wide x 20’ long trays and one row 2’ wide x 20’ long

CO2 injection with 750 lb outside tank refilled by Central Gas Supply

Air circulation fans in all rooms

Each room has a clear water, veg feed and flower feed irrigation line for easy supply changes


Mother Room

Approximately 460 sf of canopy with 25 x 315 watt SunSystem LEC lights.  

30 total outlets available at 240 volts if additional lighting desired

Quest Dual 155 dehumidifiers x 2

Daikin 3 ton minisplit AC’s x 2 

Rolling rows of carts allows for moving rows with drainage from each tray set up as 4 rows of 3’ wide x 20’ long 

Automated drip irrigation


Veg Room

14’ ceilings allows for multilayer veg growing with custom racks in place

Lit with newer Spec Grade LED lighting still under warranty

5 layer veg rack with 2x8’ trays

4 layer veg rack with 2x8’ trays

3 layer racks with 4 x 8’ trays x 2 units for a total of 6 trays at 4x8’ each

Total of 336 sf of growing trays

Accommodates 3 crops worth of vegetative material in the form of cuttings, young plants and ready to flower plants

Daikin 3 ton minisplit AC

Quest Dual 155 dehumidifier

Automated drip irrigation


Irrigation System

Central fertilizer injection station with Dosatron injectors - 2 for the vegetative feed line and 2 for the flower feed line

In house custom fertilizer formula eliminates the need for high cost retail feed formulations

Each room has a manifold with veg, flower and clear irrigation lines for easy switching

Main line has screen filter, each room also has a screen filters prior to drip lines

Automated drip irrigation timer is programmable via smartphone app and by computer

Water heater to bring up winter water temperature to ideal temperatures


Dry Room

400 sf with vaulted ceilings allows for efficient crop hanging with storage of bins above 

One crop hanging takes up half the space in the room leaving other half for storage of previously dried material

4 tons AC keeps room at 60 degrees easily throughout the year

Includes new stand up freezer for storing fresh frozen or other material

Highly efficient vertical hanging system allows for hanging a full crop in 200 sf of space



Unique varieties that are not generally duplicated by other producers

Indica, hybrid and sativa varieties in production every crop for a full spectrum offering to retailers.

Pheno hunt in progress - Lemon OG Haze, Super Glue



Established brand in approximately 40 stores with new accounts being acquired soon

Ample packaging in stock

Instagram presence and current website

Known for high quality flower at a fair price

Producing flower, 0.5 and 1 gram full flower prerolls, strain specific dry sift kief


Listing Details

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For Sale

Concrete, Washington 98237

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Property Details

Buiding Size (sq ft)
3000 sq ft

Lot Size (acres)
60 acres

Built out / Turnkey

Equipment Included

Room for Expansion

Green Zone Confirmed

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Lease Terms:

Current lease has 1.5 years remaining with multiple 3 year renewal options available.  Landlords are flexible with creating new terms.





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