2 Adjoining Tier II licenses + land

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Oregon Grown Organics Company Summary Founded in 2015 and among the first 10 OLCC licensed production facilities in Oregon, OGO is proud to have been the first grower in the State of Oregon to test and transfer recreational cannabis to a licensed dispensary in 2016. We sold over 1 million dollars of cannabis our first year in operation 2016, then even more in 2017, despite dropping prices and increased competition. Using state of the art facilities, OGO has been on the forefront of cannabis production for years. Facility Description - 2 separate adjoining 5-acre tax lots in sunny Ashland Oregon, just outside city limits with plenty of TID irrigation for $500 a year. MIXED USE SITE 1 - Tier II Mixed Use - we did 6000 sf indoor and 12,000 sf outdoor but that is changeable 40X80 Propane-heated Barn with 3 separate code-locked rooms for drying/curing, storage vault, and security central office. 60X120 Propane-heated Flowering Light Dep. Greenhouse by Conley's, all automated watering, fertilizing, light dep., HPS lighting, and climate control, heated wood-framed beds, motor-powered side wall vents, the list goes on and on, you have to see it to believe it. 40X80 Propane-heated Vegetation Light Dep. Greenhouse by Conley's, all automated watering, fertilizing, light dep., HPS lighting, and climate control, cloth and plastic pots, and motor-powered side wall vents. Outdoor Grow Site Graveled, automatic irrigation, wind guards, trellis, t-posts, cloth pots, healthy organic soil, and 14 hour days of sun at solstice MIXED USE SITE 2 - Tier II Outdoor site - All level, stubbed up irrigation, healthy organic soil, great drainage, and 14 hour days of sun at solstice 50X100 Electric Heated Barn with 2 separate code-locked rooms for storage vault and security central office. Massive hanging systems for drying over 2000 pounds of cannabis that we grew, cured, and trimmed all in that barn last year. We did not have this facility in year 1, and after the terrible outdoor prices of year 2 we decided to actually give up this second license, but all previously approved infrastructure is intact and functional and we reapplied for the 2019 license before the State cut off applications. Hemp Seed Farm - This year 2018 for year 3 we have decided to grown feminized hemp seed on contract so will make much more money off this second site than growing more $400 a pound outdoor cannabis. One cannot grow industrial hemp on an OLCC licensed cannabis farm so we had to decide which. Additional Benefits Both sites have amazing Greensprings water from the TID, and rich Rogue Valley soils and fresh clean air, including the following equipment: All OLCC approved security cameras, alarm systems, locking devices, safes, scales, trimmers, agricultural products, and employee clocking system 8-foot fences and gates around each property with high visibility area with little crime near Ashland Extra acreage around the facilities for privacy, horses, cows, or other livestock, or leasable land Single entrance driveway, 4 computers, 2 tablets, 2 printers, and all other offfice equipment Lease Availability $5,000 a month per facility so $10,000 a month for the whole package, 1-year lease with 1-year renewal option negotiable if want longer. Both properties are for sale for 1.5 million each, or 3 million for both in addition to the licenses described above. Details of the Arrangement In order to not have to reapply for the existing license and to keep the other 1 partner involved and invested, the 79% majority owner is willing to sell 51% of his ownership leaving him with only 27% and giving majority control to whomever buys him out, leaving 51%, 28% and 21% partners. The asking price for the 51% controlling ownership stake in OGO is worth approximately $1,000,000 including a guaranteed lease on the property. The asking price for the entire 79% ownership would be 1.5 million dollars but would require a reapplication for licensing, which is currently suspended.

Price: $1,000,000

Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 9/25/2018
License Type: Recreational

Location: Ashland, Oregon

Recreational: Yes
Medicinal: No

Listing Type

  • Grower/cultivator/producer

Terms And Options

Can buy the whole 2 tax lots and licenses for 3 million total, but to keep the license transfer quicker, we suggest buying 51% first since that will not trigger a new application. After the new owner is added for 1,000,000 at 51%, we recommend buying both properties and the additional 28% totaling 79% and land for the additional 2,000,000. If one chooses to just buy the license, then the lease is $5,000/month per property and has either a 1, 5, or 10-year lease option depending on buyers preference.