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Business Plan Available with proof of funds and signed fee agreement. Hello I am a partner on a deal in California City. This cannabis deal includes .9 of an acre of land, the land has three licenses attached. Manufacturing, Cultivation, and Distribution. My partners and I are looking for a partner that will buy in for $450,000 dollars. The investor will also be asked to take out a construction loan to build the facility and equipment. This will be a 2.2 million dollar loan. We already have a lender ready to conduct the loan on this deal. The investor will become a 50 percent equity parnter in the LLC. Below are projected financials of the Manufacturing Lab. CALIFORNIA CITY EXTRACTION LAB PROFIT PROJECTIONS Cost of Capna Fabrications Ethos-6 ethanol extraction machine, support equipment including pesticide removal (clean up) equipment delivered and installed with training, startup costs and consumables $800,000 Production Capacity of 100 pounds of plant material per shift x 2 shifts per day= 200 lbs (90.718 kg’s) plant material (trim) per day Yield of 10% raw plant extract from plant material (trim) = 9072 grams/day raw extract No winterization post extraction purification process required with this extraction methodology Distillation Process (purification and boosts THC content)- loss of 25% 9072 grams x 75% = 6804 grams of pure THC distillate (aka clear) Pesticide Removal treatment of distillate – loss 10% 6804 grams of distillate x 90%= 6124 grams of pesticide free distillate Sell .5-gram vape cartridges at $12 per cartridge wholesale 6124 grams of distillate x 2 cartridge/gram = 12,248 cartridges x $12 = $146,976/ day gross income Cost of good sold- trim at $200/lb x 200 lbs = $40,000 plus $5000 for labor, lease payment, insurance and all other expenses = $45,000 COGS Gross daily income = $146,976 Subtract COGS -$45,000 Vape Cartridges -$24,496 ($2.00 per cartridge) --------------- Net daily profit $77,480 per day Assuming operation of 350 days per year- 5 days for Holidays and 10 days down time for maintenance Profit per year $27,118,000 Average monthly profit $2,259,833

Price: $450,000

Listing Status: For Sale


Date Listed For Sale: 10/31/2018
License Type: manufacturing/cultivation/distribution

Location: Calfornia City, California

Recreational: No
Medicinal: No

Listing Type

  • Manufacturer/processor/extraction
  • Distribution
  • Real Estate

Terms And Options

Terms will be finalized in escrow. Just as a reminder, the partner that buys in for $450,000 will also have to be principal on the construction loan. There is already a lender in place. From the point of executed loan it will take five months to build the facility, install the equipment, the begin operations.