CannaMLS is now the largest digital marketplace for cannabis licenses, businesses and green zoned real estate in the world. Our company has undergone some radical changes lately, including new management, team members, features and protocols. We have created this set of guidelines to let users know what will be allowed on the site and what will not be allowed moving forward. We will contact you directly if your post does not meet these guidelines and give you the opportunity to address any issues. If you have any questions or need help refining your post, feel free to contact us anytime!

All listings on CannaMLS must fit into one of three categories:

  1. A valid cannabis or hemp license authorized or awarded by a city, state or federal agency.
  2. A licensed cannabis or hemp business, that is currently or was previously operational.
  3. A real estate asset available for lease or purchase that is properly zoned for commercial cannabis or hemp activities.

All details included in the listing must be accurate to the best of the author’s knowledge; false, misleading or unclear posts will be deleted.

The author must have permission to list the asset on CannaMLS; if you are an agent or broker and do not have permission from the owner to advertise the asset on our site, the post will be deleted.

The asking price must be a real number; putting “1” or “00000” or “1234567” in the asking price will prompt a call from our Quality Assurance team to discuss your reasoning, but will likely result in the post being deleted.

CannaMLS will no longer allow for listings that do not fit into the approved categories above*; this means we will no longer approve posts for:

Services: including consulting services, financial services, broker services, etc

Products: including CBD products, biomass, nutrients, etc

Equipment: including extraction machines, greenhouses, packaging lines, etc

Marketing: including dispensary advertisements, upcoming events, product drops, etc

*Note: if you have a service you would like to offer users on our site, please email to schedule a call with our business development team. For select companies, we are happy to refer you to CannaMLS users that express interest in the services you provide.